Taxes are one of the hot topics.  Taxes are so high many residents tell me they may have to leave the TWP.  This breaks my heart because some are short or long time residents that love Uxbridge.

With much thought I would like to put forth an idea to help with taxes.  Residential taxes do not feed the tax base as much as Clean Industry.  In talking with some potential Industrial Business owners they have said that Uxbridge does not have the sewage/water capacity for their businesses from wells and septic systems.  So they are going with Stouffville area because of the Big Pipe.

NO!!!!! I am not in favour of the Big Pipe changing the landscape of our beautiful residential and rural areas.  But what if we could get the Big Pipe ONLY for the Industrial Parks bordering onto Durham/York 30.  It’s just across the road which could allow for more Clean Industry and potential tax base, also jobs for more residents of the TWP.  The could improve the tax base.  Something to be considered.