The Greenbelt Act

Agriculture is Important

I grew up on a Dairy Farm on the edge of Uxbridge and married a farmer 45 years ago so farming is very important to me. Last year for the Sesquicentennial, Durham’s agricultural roots where highlighted and Beach family were recognized for farming in Canada for over 150 years. My side of the family missed out as they have only been farming for 146 years.

Tourism and Business Development

Attracting Tourists to Uxbridge

Our community has so much to offer and I’m proud that our tourism initiatives such as our new website and tourism outreach is delivering results. I’ve been working hard as part of a Committee to replace all the directional tourism signs in our community. Later this year the new signs will be going up around our Municipality to guide traveller into our trails, events, shops, Heritage train, theater productions, farm markets, and so much more. They look great, and will really help boost our tourism potential!

Trucks-Traffic-Cycling Safety

The car/truck traffic, noise, and speeds have increased in hamlets. Safety is now more of an issue than ever before. We all need to share the road and respect others, no matter if you are a resident walking, a cyclist, operate a gravel truck, or are driving farm equipment. We all need to be more cautious while traveling on our roads. We all need to respect and obey the rules of the road. Municipal Council has a role to play to encourage traffic calming but we all have a role to play to keep the roads safe for all users.

What I have to offer You

Owning my own businesses for over 40 years and as a Clinical Practitioner as well as Certified as a Teacher. I have a strong background in management, negotiating, mediating, budgeting skills and effective decision making. Being a team player, and leader when change...

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Pam speaks about taxes

Taxes are one of the hot topics.  Taxes are so high many residents tell me they may have to leave the TWP.  This breaks my heart because some are short or long time residents that love Uxbridge. With much thought I would like to put forth an idea to help with taxes....

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