•The Greenbelt Act and the Oak Ridges Moraine Act are up for review by the Province in 2015 so we need to be proactive in lobbying to increase the land designated for clean industrial uses. This would help increase our tax base and create new job opportunities for our citizens.

•Uxbridge has an abundance of recreational and tourism opportunities to offer people which could lead to business development in our town. This could be very beneficial with proper promotion and coordination. For example, The Economic Development Committee could make Downtown shop owners more aware of the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) which was put in place to assist shop owners to improve store building facades and offers improvement loan programs, Brownfields Tax Programs and more.

•Uxbridge Township keeps 23% of your tax dollars, the Region gets 60%, and 17% goes to Education.  Uxbridge needs to create new revenue sources by leveraging funds from private partners in addition to the Provincial and Federal governments for various Township projects.

•We need increased Police presence in the hamlets to control speeders and also in town to deter vandalism. The destruction of crops, and general damage to property is a big concern for rural residents because of ever increasing trespassing by people, dirt bikes, ATV’s and snowmobiles.

For further discussion on these or any other issues or comments you may have, I can be reached at:      

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