About Pam

Our Town of Uxbridge is constantly facing new challenges and I, Pamela Beach want to be an active participant in the process of finding solutions.

I believe that with my diverse wealth of background knowledge bring a fresh new perspective to the table when dealing with Ward 1 issues as well as the challenges within the Township of Uxbridge.

Personal involvement and supporting our local community has been a long-standing family tradition. As a lifetime resident, municipal politics are embedded in my DNA. My father Charles Forsythe was involved in Uxbridge Township as a Councillor for 15 years before serving as the Deputy Reeve in the Town of Uxbridge.

I was raised on a Dairy Farm where Butternut Manor sits today and then lived in town for four years. I married my high school sweetheart Ed 41 years ago. We live on a farm where we raise beef, cow-calf, horses, hay and grain crops.

As a mother of two daughters, Vanessa and Candice, I understand issues concerning children, teens, young adults and the importance of teaching them to be an active part of our community in play and work.

Owning my own businesses for over 36 years and as a Clinical Practitioner and Certified as a Teacher for several different Therapies. It has given me a strong background in management, budgeting as well as skills in effective decision making.

The knowledge I have gained as a Director for the Ontario College of Reflexology for the last 18 years as well as a Member of the Teachers Collective since 1995 has greatly increased my abilities to be a team player, and leader, therefore being able to get the Job done in a timely manner.

With my professional experience as a self-employed Clinical Practitioner, Life Couch and my volunteering in the community. I have gained knowledge to enable me to bring a fresh new perspective to the council.

•Compassionate         •Hardworking          •Community minded         •Results orientated


Work Related

•Clinical Therapist and Life Coach since 1994

•Certified Reflexologist Practitioner, Teacher, and Member of the Board of Directors for Ontario College of Reflexology since 1997

•Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Teacher, and Member of the

Teacher’s Collective for Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario

Since 1995; Therapeutic Touch Practice Group Facilitator for 10 years

•Certified Bowen Senior Practitioner since 1999

•Photographer for Promotional Launches & CD’s for 2 local


•Taught Art for over 11 years to Adults and Children

Owning my own businesses for over 36 years and as a Clinical Practitioner as well as Certified as a Teacher.


I have a strong background in management, negotiating, mediating, budgeting skills and effective decision making.

Being a team player, and leader when change is needed.

 I am the Change you are looking for.